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Application Suite

Our System allows your team to use smart devices in the field to track operations. Entropic is an easy-to-use application that allows you to identify products, measure a large number of parameters, select different recovery processes and ensure traceability.

Real-time reporting

Data collected by your team is automatically aggregated in near real time into a dashboard with sections accessible according to the user's profile. Data visualization tools and formatted reports allow you to analyze your operations.


The Entropic application suite is modular and customizable. This enables you to adapt the system according to your needs, your industry, the specificity of your processes and most importantly, the size of your organization.


Our system is based on best practices and standards in order to allow the import of data from other systems or the export of data to another tool. This interoperability allows you to interact with your partners, customers and regulatory actors. 

Data governance

Data management requires many actions. In order to reduce the technical workload of our clients and allow them to focus on their mission, we support them in ensuring the security of their data and the management of access rights.

Use cases

Entropic app Use cases

Entropic allows you to manage diversified processes. As a result, you can manage even more than the dismantling and recycling of materials. If the products you recover can be reused, repaired or refurbished, these logics can be included in the system functionalities. 



Entropic is designed to be integrated in an ecosystem composed of several groups. The information concerning the life cycle of a product is distributed from the manufacturer to the recycler, involving in the process the buyers of the product and the buyers of the residual materials, in addition to the regulatory bodies.

The information produced by Entropic can be used to generate automated reports to ensure regulatory compliance and meet audit requirements. 

Entropic app Ecosystem users

Demanufacturing management

Management functions

1 - Dismantling process

Define each step of the decommissioning process and enable its execution and documentation in real time using a multi-user, multi-platform system. This allows your team to collectively contribute to gathering the required information.

2 - Transportation, providers, purchasers

Associate units, materials and components with their respective carriers, suppliers and buyers. Manage a controlled contact list and control transport tickets.

3 - Traceability

Each category of information is traceable, documented and time-stamped. It is possible to check the journey of each product and to obtain the details for each stage.

4 - Analysis

Monitor performance and productivity by period, by product and by material. Visualize your data, control records, make informed decisions, get predictions for future periods.

5 - Reporting and Regulatory compliance

Automate formatted reports, ensure the compilation of mandatory information for regulatory compliance, validate your environmental impact, prioritize the required information at the right time.


Entropic is designed to prioritize the core actions in your workflow. This makes it possible to adapt to the dismantling process of each product by adapting the right level of detail to be taken into account.


Entropic app Value proposition


Entropic app Social benefits
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