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About Us

Our Story

Our team started to develop its expertise in the digitization of recycling processes in 2019. At that time, there was no demanufacturing management system for the traceability of refrigeration units and materials. Entropic changed that when a new regulatory framework required our partners to perform digital traceability.


We started our specialization in the circular economy just like you, with both feet on the factory floor. Our company worked with each of the groups involved in the dismantling process in order to understand the specificity of the recycling environment, the challenges of changing tools and the needs of the users. 

Who We Are

Our team is first and foremost composed of technological experts. Our software development team has over 30 years of expertise in designing and deploying advanced digital solutions. Our systems use various technologies: artificial intelligence, cloud computing, distributed ledgers, Internet of Things, 5G connectivity and augmented or virtual reality.

​Our team benefits from the expertise of our associates working in the circular economy: directors, managers, supervisors, technicians and manual workers. Working in concert with them, we are continuously testing the reliability and robustness of the system for sustained use in an industrial environment. Their knowledge and experience help us to continually improve the Entropic system.

Our Vision

We believe in supporting the digitalization of the recycling industry. The capacity to recycle and reuse materials and components must equal the capacity to produce products. There is enough material in circulation on the planet to meet most production, repair, reuse and refurbishment needs for a vast majority of products.

Why Us

Entropic Team

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