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The power of data in the circular economy

Your industry is moving toward Extended Producer Responsibility.

Your data management is becoming more complex. The solution is Entropic.

Empty Factory

Entropic to participate as panelists at the Recycling Council of Alberta's 2023 Circular Economy Conference

Entropic can help you manage data related to the circular economy

Entropic is a management system for the recycling industry, designed specifically for the dismantling of end-of-life products.


The world is moving away from a linear economy, and even a recycling economy, to a circular economy, with a goal of minimizing waste.

Raw materials are kept longer in production
cycles and can be used repeatedly

Less waste is generated

Linear economy



Recycling economy

TakeMakeShredRecycle What You Can


Circular economy

ReuseRepairRefurbish Remanufacture

More value is captured from your materials
and resources

Demanufacturing factory

This also means you have more complex data management needs

Entropic offers a modular and customizable system to support the management of dismantling and recycling end-of-life products. It provides the data tracking and traceability you need to protect information and manage hazardous materials in electrical and electronic waste as per the regulations.

Proven in the Field

What We Offer

With Entropic, you can:

Manage diversified processes among multiple stakeholders.

Manage more than dismantling and recycling of materials.

Make complex tracking simple. 
Generate automated reports.

Meet regulator and audit requirements.

Increase productivity. 
Reduce operating costs.

Image by Waldemar Brandt

If the products you recover can be reused, repaired, or refurbished, Entropic can include the required processes in the system functionalities.

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